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Sar pass trek ultimate guide 2021

Sar Pass trek

Trekking is the perfect thing for you to do as it’ll invigorate your care and body and remove you from the pressure and dreary way of life of urban areas. There are different treks accessible in the incomparable Himalayas yet just few are open consistently and out of them just scarcely any come in the class of simple and short treks. Some well known treks accessible in Himalayas are Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, Kuari Pass, Hampta Pass, Rupin Pass, Chopta Chandrashila, Bali Pass, Sar Pass and so forth. One more issue with most of these treks is the related knowledge you need in the field of trekking as they all come in the classification of moderate treks and troublesome ones which takes you around 5-8days of trekking in the Himalayan area.


Sar pass trek is a secret pearl in the trekking circle as very few know about this unique trek. Less ubiquity of Sar Pass trek makes it much more seriously welcoming and alluring for the individuals who are searching for a serene and solo trekking experience. The trek is situated in the Kasol district of Himachal Pradesh which itself is an incredibly renowned objective among the sightseers. However, something intriguing to see here is even the Kasol is really well known among the vacationers and a close by trek named as Kheerganga Trek is likewise very renowned inside the explorers, Sar Pass trek is as yet not as famous as them and still has that kind of novelty and crude normal trekking feel to it. This makes it more adept for a dreamlike trekking experience for novices and veterans both. The trek comes in the classification of simple to direct trek and should be possible with no much experience of trekking in the Himalayan district. The path is very simple and offers next to no protection from the trekkers and what is on offer are the glorious perspectives and snow covered mountain tops.

The total trek is of around 50km which will be shrouded in the range of 5 days from one base to another. Kasol fills in as the base town for the Sar Pass trek. The greatest elevation that

you would acquire during the trek is 13,780ft which in itself is a considerable amount and makes it sound troublesome.


The most awesome aspect of the Sar Pass trek is that the path on this trek offers a wide range of landscapes to stroll on from backwoods, glades, snow covered mountains, interesting towns, steep trip areas and all that you can request.

The perspectives are wonderful and pleasant and awesome for the measure of exertion you are placing it in the trek. Albeit the prizes and perspectives are not as terrific and however wonderful as they may be in other popular treks , they are as yet spellbounding. The snow covered mountains, stunning snow perspectives and backwoods trail makes this trek an ideal trek for the fledglings in the trekking circle. You additionally have an alternative to investigate the renowned town of Kasol where there are such countless things to see and do. The bistros of Kasol are so well known with streams passing by and pleasant scene sees from each edge of the bistro. The night life of Kasol is likewise extremely popular with energetic shadings in the city and specialists from around the world performing live in the city.


Kasol is the headquarters for the Sar Pass trek and is well-connected to different metropolitan cities by road and railway. You can take an overnight bus from Delhi and Chandigarh to Kasol, with various private and public transport operators available. Alternatively, if you prefer a more personalized and flexible mode of transportation, you can opt for renting a car in Chandigarh. From the nearest railway station in Chandigarh, you can take a Volvo bus or hire a taxi to reach Kasol. Shared cabs and taxis are also available from Delhi on a regular basis. The roads are well-maintained and can easily be navigated by a regular driver..


The convenience alternatives accessible for the trek are the typical 2-3 sharing tents on the trek and at the headquarters that is Kasol you have different choices accessible to browse. There are alternatives accessible for everybody whether it be the extravagant ones or the spending plan ones. From sumptuous and extravagant lodgings to normal trekker inns, each choice is open for the convenience in Kasol. During the sightseers season, it very well may be hard to book on spot so come ready by booking convenience before your movement.

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