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Female solo trekking to Everest Base Camp

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The Everest Base Camp trek is a bucket list for many mountaineers, men or women but there has always been a stigma for female travelers, especially solo female travelers. 

Many female travelers are questioned about their skills in this male dominated field of mountaineering and trekking. And, it is pretty obvious to get thought-stroke if Nepal is safe for female travellers.

Not to forget, this field is often traveled in groups and teams. However in recent years, there has been a rise in solo trekking and also in female solo trekking to Everest Base Camp. Many women break stereotypes and mindsets.

In this article we will explore the journey of female solo trekking to Everest Base Camp!

Safety First

Safety is the number one priority for trekkers regardless of their gender. But even more for solo travelers. Take all the safety precautions

As regressive as it may sound, there are few incidents where ill intentioned people take advantage of female travelers, and more so if you are solo. You should always prioritize your safety first. 

Do not trust any random strangers with your belongings and do not follow the lead of people you do not trust and know properly.

It is advised to have contact information of local authorities like local police stations on the way. TIMS card is a compulsion up there, it is used to track your location but you should use other such tracking devices or mobile applications as a safety backup.

It is advised to hire a guide from a trusted company with good reviews even if you are a solo traveler.

Research and Plan Properly

A successful journey to the EBC trek is thorough planning and research. Gather as much information as you can about the whole area.

Research about the accommodations that can suit you as a solo traveler, a safe and comfortable one with good reviews. 

Plan about your itineraries and research about various paths and roads and how you can navigate. Learn how to use maps. 

If you plan properly, your confidence will boost during the trek because you will have everything under control.

Relatable Stories

There are many female solo travelers who have shared their knowledge from their solo treks, you can find these on the internet. 

Their stories will not only motivate you to embark on a solo journey but also you will receive first hand advice and you will learn more about real life issues faced in treks as a female solo traveler and you will learn how to tackle them beforehand. 

You can avoid mistakes that others made.

Navigating Hormones and Periods

We know that hormones and menstrual cycles are a natural part of female life, but they do come with extra challenges. 

During these periods, the female body needs proper nutrition and rest. It is not a hindrance for all females obviously but many females suffer from painful cramps in the body.

 If you usually have a hard time coping with periods, it is suggested to schedule your trek during days you do not get periods. The condition up there may get worse, you might not get proper menstrual hygiene products and  resources if you are not packed properly. Disposing period waste could be another hindrance.

But if you are confident about your periods and you believe that it would not be a hindrance for you, you should totally go for it. 

Remember that all female bodies are different, what works for you might not work for others!

Capture the Journey

The more you capture about your journey, the more you can empower and motivate other female solo travelers to embark on these trails solo. Whether you choose to trek the entire route or choose to helicopter return after Everest Base Camp Trek, you should document your journey not just for your memory but also share it on the internet.

Hope the article helped. All the best for your next solo trip!

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