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Key components of getting a Turkey passport

Turkey passport

Having a second passport has become an identification of global mobility and a person can also get the benefit of securing his financial situation. Turkey has become the global identity for its stable economy and quality lifestyle. People from all over the world are interested in getting second citizenship through investment in Turkey. This investment program has become a great way for investors who become eligible to get Turkish citizenship by spending in the Turkish real estate market or businesses. It is very important to understand the basic details of the program.

Understanding the Turkish passport by investment

The program of  Turkey passport by investment was introduced in 2017, which gives a chance to foreign investors to directly invest in the economic development of the country. This program helps international investors to get permanent residency in Turkey through different investment options. Investors have several investment options in the Turkish market for gaining stability for their own business in Turkey.

Investment options

This immigration program offers different ways for investors and business owners to invest in different businesses in the country. Applicants can invest in the real estate market by purchasing property. Applicants must have a specific amount of money to invest in registered property and have honorship of that property for at least 3 years. Another investment option is investing in different capital instruments. This method includes investing in funds of government or real estate investment. The minimum criteria of this investment is also 3 years, and another great investment option for business owners is creating job options for Turkish people. This is the perfect way to expand their own business in Turkey.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants who want to get  citizenship by investment programmers follow specific eligibility criteria suggested by the Turkish government. The essential eligibility criteria are age, nationality, and investment options. A person should be more than 18 years old to be eligible for this program. It is not much for applicants to have the nationality of the same country. They must choose the investment option that is discussed before matching to their financial situation. The time period of 3 years is mandatory for investors to be successful in getting Turkish citizenship.

Benefits of Turkish citizenship

The process of having successful Turkish citizenship through investment has several benefits for businesses. Applicants can get visa-free travel to more than 110 countries of the world, which is a remarkable feature of this program for expanding business and travel opportunities for business owners. They can also get the chance to expand their business in the desired location of Turkey. Turkey is well known for its rich cultural history and landscapes, which ensure quality of life for its residents. The country is best for families who want to spend their quality time in a business-friendly environment. If an applicant wants to invite his family, then they can get a chance to extend citizenship eligibility for the family of the applicant, which is a clear indication of securing the future of his family.

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