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Book your next adventure to Desert Safari Dubai in a 4×4?

Desert Safari Dubai

The desert safari in Dubai is undoubtedly the most demanded activity in Dubai every day. Dozens of agencies make excursions to the desert of various types and at different times.

About Dubai Desert Safari

An exciting day would certainly be to go on a Dubai Desert Safari. This activity involves crossing the desert dunes and other things like riding camels, camping in the desert, enjoying the spectacular Tanoura music and dance, eating delicious grilled meat or the famous 4×4 car race on the desert sands.

The vast desert of Dubai and its sparse vegetation provide tourists with an experience full of contrasts. Once in the city of Dubai, they encounter towering skyscrapers and giant shopping malls that house a hectic and monotonous life. 

A safari in the desert is perfect for escaping the city’s monotony. The dune crossing is more than an hour away, and the only thing that can be admired sporadically is some dromedaries.

What does it consist of?

Although the name safari can mislead, the Dubai Desert Safari is a visit to the desert in 4×4 cars where reminiscent of the Paris Dakar, and drivers unleash their sports driving skills.

The cars drive at full speed through the desert up and down dunes and inclining to unsuspected limits, so it cannot be said that it is an ideal activity for people with back problems or pregnant women.

The most daring can also practice sandboarding or quad biking in the dunes. A quieter activity that could not be missing in a desert is to take a camel ride

Types of excursions

Usually, all agencies do various types of excursions to the Dubai desert. The most common are the following:

Safari with dinner and show: This is actually considered as the traditional Desert Safari”. In addition to the tour through the dunes at full speed, on this excursion, you can enjoy the sunset in the desert and also include dinner and shows of various typical dishes, including the famous belly dance. This is the star tour of Dubai, essential.

Multi-day tours: Those who wish to sleep in the desert of Dubai can also do so. The desert is, no doubt, is one of the best places in the world that you can think of.

Book Dubai desert tour

You can do it on this website. For very little money you will be picked up from your hotel, you will ride through the dunes at full speed, you will see the sunset in the desert, you’ll surely enjoy the delicious dinner under the stars, and you will enjoy a traditional show that includes professional belly dancers and alot more. 

Excursion to the desert in 4*4 with dinner and show

If you want to spend the night in an exclusive camp in the middle of the dunes, we also offer this option, which could be summed up as a trip to Dubai’s past:

Hot Balloon Ride over the desert of Dubai

The hot air balloon ride is considered one of the eye-catching activities within Dubai. It is an activity that takes place at night or early in the morning in order to appreciate the sunrise in Dubai from the view of the birds in the sky.

The route implies a height of approximately 4 thousand feet, on a hot air balloon, with a general and very wide view of the undulating red dunes of the desert. The view even allows you to watch the beautifully adorned desert such as camels, gazelles, dromedaries, and Arabian oryx.

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