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Royal Holiday Vacation Club: 10 Best Fall Getaways

A picture of a long road surrounded by fall trees, depicting a Fall vacation you can take with Royal Holiday Vacation Club

Nowadays, planning and taking a vacation should not give you a headache. The hardest part is usually saving for the vacation and choosing an ideal and safe destination.

However, these difficulties no longer exist thanks to companies like the Royal Holiday Vacation Club. It is a timeshare and vacation club that helps its members save and access over 18 global destinations.

Besides the exquisite destinations, the Royal Holiday Vacation Club membership also offers excellent accommodations for its members.

The fall season is here with us, and it is a fantastic time to go on a weekend getaway. Below are some suggested incredible fall weekend getaway destinations, according to the Royal Holiday Vacation Club.

Step Back In Time To Brussels

Brussels is the capital city of Belgium. It is a multi-layered city with so many interesting cultural and historical phenomena.

Additionally, the city is packed with unusual attractions, like European art and architectural elements. During a weekend getaway to Brussels, you can explore the historical attractions, like the Grand Palace in the city center, the Old England Building, the Gothic Brussel’s Notre Dame Du Sablon, and the costume museum.

A fall getaway in Brussels will be a perfect plan if you are interested in culture and history. Besides taking a trip back in time, you will also enjoy good food and a fantastic multi-faceted atmosphere.

Enjoy A Weekend On Coronado Beach

Most people visit Coronado Island because of its award-winning beach. You can spend time on the beach, building sand castles, exploring, or enjoying the clean waters.

Coronado beach is a fantastic destination for a weekend getaway with your friends or family. The beach also does not have any restrictions on pets. So your pet can tag along and have a good time.

Go on Ghost Tours In Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina, is also an excellent gateway destination for October and November. The city’s historical heritage makes it perfect for all visitors with Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership.

Also, Charleston is known for its ghost tours. You can also seek spooky accommodations, themed foods, or events if you are into creepy things.

So, this would be an ideal activity, especially during the Halloween season. Besides ghost hunting, you can enjoy family-friendly pumpkin patch activities with your kids and family.

Tour And Enjoy Nature In New Castle

New Castle is known for its green atmosphere. Destinations like Battery Park make one of the most peaceful and naturally green environments. So, if you have had a hectic year, you can kick back in New Castle and enjoy peace of mind, calmness, and quiet nature.

Besides enjoying the calming atmosphere, you can participate in activities like picnics and camping. Don’t forget to indulge in quality and incredible food and drinks in New Castle.

Explore The Temples In Chiang Mai

One of the most exciting things about Chiang Mai is its more than 300 temples. Some of these temples are the oldest and have historical and architectural significance.

Also, the people in Thailand are charming and laid back. For this reason, as a Royal Holiday Vacation Club member, you will have a good time and find the city charming for a getaway.

Besides exploring the temples, you will enjoy the fantastic food, visit the national park, and love the thrilling shopping experience.

Pamper Yourself In Miami Beach

A picture of the coastline of Miami, a place you can travel to with Royal Holiday Vacation Club


Miami is a perfect fall getaway destination if you want a self-care weekend. The destination comprises incredible shopping destinations, spas, and luxury activities.

So, you can spend your weekend on one of the many luxury boats, pamper yourself at the mall or spa, or eat good food.

You can visit many dance clubs and bars for a good time. Other activities you can do at Miami beach are; swimming, surfing, or kayaking in the Atlantic Ocean. However, if you do not have money to spend, you may want to steer clear of the destination.

Hike The Nature Trails In Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake is the ideal outdoor paradise for your weekend getaway. The destination offers a variety of adventurous activity options, like hiking, camping, biking, and scenic drives along nature trails.

In addition to your hike, you can enjoy the city’s beautiful and picturesque scenery. Canyon Lake offers numerous incredible hiking trails that are safe for individuals, groups, and families.

So, you can enjoy your getaway alone or with some company. Besides hiking the nature trails, you will also explore the parks and partake in water sports on the lake. Canyon Lake has numerous incredible kayaking and fishing destinations.

Go All Out In Acapulco

Acapulco is a beach town along the Pacific Ocean on the Western Coast of Mexico. The city has incredible beaches, fantastic food, golf courses, and water sports.

So, you can spend some relaxing time on one of the many stunning beaches in Acapulco during your weekend getaway or visit phenomenal tourist destinations like the Fort of San Diego.

Also, you can go on a historical tour of the city. Acapulco boasts of fascinating history. So, a guided historical tour of the city would be a great fall getaway activity.

Go Wild In Atlantic City

Atlantic City is, without a doubt, the center of entertainment. Therefore, Atlantic City would be a fantastic option if you want a getaway with endless entertainment. You will enjoy the thrilling nightlife, luxurious resort life, spa treatments, and other exciting activities.

Furthermore, Atlantic City has a reputation for its casinos and gambling scene. Besides this, Atlantic City has incredible beaches, tourist attractions, and a thriving arts and culture scene. There is much for the Royal Holiday Vacation Club members to do in Atlantic City.

Vacation In Cancun For The Weekend

Cancun is also a fantastic weekend fall getaway destination for individuals and families. This Mexican destination attracts thousands of tourists because of its exquisite beaches, scenic environment, and great climate.

While spending your weekend in Cancun, you can swim in the stunning cenotes, visit real-life shamans, discover the jungles, and explore the Mayan ruins.

A Royal Holiday Vacation Club Membership will grant you access to all the getaways mentioned above. The Royal Holiday Vacation Club will help you raise funds for your trip, find accommodation, and plan the whole getaway. This way, you can say goodbye to the challenges of planning a getaway.

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