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That’s how you do that! Choosing your next holiday destination

Choosing your next holiday destination

Choosing a holiday destination, a difficult task

Do you recognize yourself in the above and do you have an endless list of holiday destinations on your wish list and you do not know which one to choose first? Or do you not even know where to start when looking for your next holiday destination. Follow this checklist with short tips and choosing a holiday destination will immediately become a lot easier.

Dare to delete!

Yes, you would ideally like to see the whole world and cross off all the destinations that are on your wishlist next year. But let’s face it; there are few people who have the budget and the holidays for that. So keep in mind that it’s okay to have some dreams left over. And feel privileged to have the opportunity to discover one or two new destinations per year.

Be aware that you will have to delete holiday destinations in order to make the right choice. Temporarily deleted of course, because next year there will be a new round!

What is your holiday budget?

As nice as it is to endlessly click around and dream away at the most beautiful pictures of the most South East Asia and hotels, it is not always feasible. Rather search for budget; this way you will only come across options that are within your financial limits. That keeps it so clear.

Did you know that you can easily search by budget within all our trips? For example, on our last minute page you can easily find allsun holidays up to € 500find. Do you immediately have realistic expectations!

How sunny should your holiday be?

Choose a holiday destination Some holidaymakers (like me) are fine with it being 22-25 degrees; a nice temperature to do a lot and to get to know your holiday destination from oats to barley. Other holidaymakers are most happy when it is heading towards 30 degrees; the ideal weather to spend the whole day on the beach or by the pool.

Collect all possible options for your upcoming holiday and search for the average temperatures (Google ‘climate Turkey’ or ‘climate Malta’ and you’ll come a long way). A holiday destination can suddenly lose weight.

For example, I once really wanted to take my boyfriend to Dubai in June . But that turned out to be too hot for me to do anything. Change of plans!

How long do you want to travel for?

Whether you go by car or plane, there is a limit in terms of travel time. This one is different for everyone. I love four day city breaks. But not outside Europe. Then I think the journey is too long compared to the time I spend at the destination. New York is therefore at least a week for me. For example, I prefer to go to the Caribbean for two weeks instead of one week.

If you have children, take the travel time into account even more. Do you please your little ones with a long flight over the sea, while for them a holiday on the Spanish beaches can be just as much fun? Then look for beaches with a gently sloping beach. Extra safe!

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