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Determining the route of your world trip

world trip

We actually got over this very quickly. In any case, we HAD to go to French Polynesia.. I’ve wanted to go here for years, and well.. that’s not so surprising when you look at what it looks like:

We also really wanted to go to Japan and New Zealand. All three are not cheap destinations and when we knew we would have four months, we started looking at countries in South East Asia, which are slightly less pricey.

Determining the route for a four-month world trip!

And then you get choice stress. Four months is a long time, we are really happy with that, but as soon as you start looking at where you can go, even a year seems too short. In the end we came up with a list of countries that we would like to visit, leaving a few weeks open. These were later also filled in when it turned out that my two dearest girlfriends wanted to visit us in Bali and then the route became as follows:

How long do you stay in each country on the route during your world tour?

So we knew roughly which countries we wanted to visit.. but how long do you stay in a country? And how do you get there? To be quite honest, we just kind of started thinking off the cuff, days by place. We read a bit in Lonely Planets and on blogs and came to a slightly more concrete planning. What we liked to do, by the way, was to hang some maps and sheets on the wall, and stick a little more about our trip on them each time. In this way the journey became more and more concrete and complete!

“Wow so many countries in such a short time.. how?” is a frequently asked question. Well to be honest, we don’t see it as countries that we ‘must have completely done’. For example, in the Philippines, we only go to the country Palawan. A conscious choice because it seems to be beautiful, and now we have an excuse to definitely go back to the Philippines for the other beautiful parts. So making choices is important. And maybe that means for you that you have seen one country completely, instead of just a few highlights.

Update 2020, World trip number 2 : We are now halfway through our second world This time we took a completely different approach. Some countries were fixed, but we left most of our trip open and didn’t plan anything. We now also have a lot longer (1 year versus 4 months). Curious how we planned our route for this second world trip? Then read this blog! *

Booking flights for a world trip

There are several options. We could have chosen to only book an outward flight and then continue to see how we would get to the next country on the voucher tip. For many people the perfect way, but not for us. We don’t like too much hassle. In addition, we want to enjoy as much as possible while traveling. And not unimportant, we have quite a lot of anticipation to arrange everything.

Single flights or a world ticket during your world trip?

First we went looking for individual flights ourselves. A lot of hassle and often not pleasant flight times.. besides, wooow, there is so much choice! In terms of price, this is not much cheaper. In addition, with individual tickets from all these different companies, you have to keep a close eye on whether there are any deviating baggage requirements, and you have to keep track of your flight changes yourself.

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