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My 10 tips in Drenthe


You do not go on holiday in the Netherlands. Point. Fuck this stubborn conviction of mine!
With this wonderful summer we decided to stay in our little country and go camping last minute. On a Sunday morning we booked a spot at a campsite, in the afternoon we drove via the Decathlon to get tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses etc and in the evening we sat like royalty in front of our new accommodation in… yes… Drenthe!

Nothing was necessary during this holiday. Man, how nice. Mister B took a sprint every morning from the tent to the toddler monkey rock aka playing field and played nicely in his pajamas. And we’ll see what the day would bring. So we spontaneously came across a hunebed, cool! And unplanned we ended up in Giethoorn where we rented a boat and enjoyed a mega ice cream. Cycling through the woods in Drenthe was also a perfect way to spend your time, beautiful. Campinglife is the bomb, especially with our 4-year-old mister. But what do you want when you stay at the great (nature) camping site De Blauwe Haan stands! And so we ended up staying no less than 10 nights instead of the planned 5 and enjoyed the magic of going on holiday in our own country outside our comfort zone. So who knows, we might go camping again in our own country next year. Bye bye conviction!

We had a delicious dinner at the Ludiek restaurant in Havelte on the birthday of my friend . Super friendly service, beautiful terrace and the inside also looks great and a very nice concise menu. We enjoyed a 3-course dinner and it was so good that I would drive for it!

We often went swimming at the swimming pool in Havelte. We got a discount through the campsite and so you splash into the water for 3 euros. Because the swimming pool is also open in the evening, we had a lovely picnic on a balmy evening while we were able to take a dip.

We also found a nice  swimming pool in Ruinen, spacious layout and nice play equipment. For swimming in natural water, a small beach on the Oude Vaart near Uffelte was very nice. Just cross the bridge and then follow a sandy path. Ask the locals for the exact location, everyone knows it.

Dwingelder veld is really beautiful to cycle through and the nice thing is that we also cycle there 3 days after exactly 5 years ago. At that time Mr. B was still in my stomach. I thought it was special to be there again with him on the back of the bike. And just like then we made a nice stop at Thee huis Anser dennen.  Also a stop at the radio satellites is recommended. I thought it was impressive because it was crazy to think how far we can see into space. At least, with radio waves there, because with that they can measure energy. Then I suddenly feel very small.
And all that cycling makes you hungry and so we accidentally ate at restaurant Luning’s , where we were also 5 years ago. The pancakes are especially great! (you can wake me up for bacon, cheese & syrup).

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