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Fun Activities to do in Manchester

Fun Activities Manchester

Known as the ‘Northern Powerhouse’, the city of Manchester is notorious for its metropolitan essence-for being a bustling city that exudes culture in all aspects: from music to food, nightlife, people and studies. Home to two of the world’s best football clubs and a soap that is beloved by the nation, the city oozes a sense of diversity that is upheld proudly by Mancunians. Despite the 150 days of rain a year we encounter (a staggering amount, we know!), Manchester has a lot to offer- in all aspects. Whether you’re looking for some historical based activities, something that involves the drink and party scene, or a random spot of fun- there are plenty of things for you to do in the Northern Powerhouse. Here are some suggestions for fun activities in Manchester.

Silent Disco in Manchester:

If you love to dance and have a disco but are looking for something a little more adventurous than a club setting (or you don’t want to be getting home at 3am!), then a silent disco is the perfect activity for you. Essentially, a silent disco consists of exploring the city while dancing along to the greatest tunes. However, to ensure that you don’t bother the people going about their regular day, the music will be played through headphones, and there will be a group escort/leader to keep you safe from any hazards if you get lost in the music. It’s the most fun activity- either as a group or as a solo activity. In Manchester, the tour tends to start in the city center, heads to Deansgate and ends in Shudehill.

Go Wild at Junkyard Golf:

Want to become a miniature Tiger Woods, but play a game of golf with cocktails, wacky aesthetics and music? Then Junkyard Golf is the activity for you! Located just a few minutes’ walk from Deansgate, Junkyard Golf is the place in Manchester to play. Whether you have a fun day out with your family or friends during the afternoon, or you go there for a date night, Junkyard Golf is great as you can get tipsy while you play a game of gold on some wacky-artistic style courses such as a clown, jungle or industrial style course.

Indoor Skydiving:

A perfect activity for the adrenaline junkies, indoor skydiving center iFly is located in Trafford Park near the Trafford Center. The center allows you to experience the thrilling adrenaline rush that is skydiving- without having to jump out of a plane. Perfect to do in typical rainy Manchester weather, the experience includes a training session as well as two jumps per person. You will be supervised by a professional and is a great alternative, especially if you are scared of heights. The tickets are easy to get hold of to, as you just book them online!

Explore Manchester Cathedral:

If you’re looking for an activity that Is a little more low-key, and somewhere you can indulge in religious artistry, We Buy Any Home suggest exploring the cathedral in Manchester as a great activity to do. Situated just opposite the Arndnale shopping center and just opposite the Corn Exchange Square, the cathedral is a beautiful insight to the religious history of the city. Framed with beautiful stained-glass artwork, which dates back to the 13th century, the cathedral visit offers a relaxing wander- and even better, it’s absolutely free of charge!

Bubble Football:

Seeing as Manchester is home to two of the most famous football clubs in the world, it would be wrong for us not to indulge in at least one football-related activity. Bubble football is an extremely fun and great alternative to the actual sport of football- and is perfect for people who love to do something a little different. Once you are put in a huge plastic bubble that protects your body (but exposes you from the hips down so you can play), you are then free to play! The rules are the same as a regular game of football, however, it’s a bit more hilarious when you bump into someone.

Go Thrift Shopping in Northern Quarter:

It would be an insult to go to Manchester and not take some time to look around the amazing shops we have in the city. The trendy center that is Northern Quarter is home to some of the city’s quirkiest and most artistic individuals, and offers a vibrant take on restaurants, bars and shopping. Located just north of Piccadilly Gardens, Northern Quarter has many vintage shops and second-hand stores- making it a perfectly relaxed day out for you in the city.

Cloud 23:

A memory that will last a lifetime, Cloud 23, will take you right up to the skies. The cocktail bar is located in the Hilton hotel tower and sits on the 23rd floor- which offers you unbelievable views over the city. The restaurant offers some of the city’s best food, cocktails and views, however it’s a good idea to book in early as the restaurant is quite popular and gets popular and finding a slot may be hard. Another great thing is that all the drinks on the menu can be made into an alcoholic and non-alcoholic version, so there’s plenty of choice!

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