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Eating & Drinking in Aspen, the places to be

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Aspen has an incredible amount of choice in restaurants, cafes and fancy hotel bars. Where should you be? And how extensive is the damage in this chic ski resort? An overview of the best food and drink addresses in Aspen? Before that, we were on the phone in no time with Nancy from Aspen, the friendly mountain host we spoke to earlier about her work on the slopes.

There she tells winter sports enthusiasts everything they want to know about the ski area, but also about the best addresses for after skiing. And you don’t have to expect correct tourist information from Nancy. For years this sporty and sparkling lady has lived on a large ranch (with several horses, 7 dogs and her much younger life partner) just outside the ski resort. She knows Aspen through and through, and she also likes a party herself. Would like to take over some address from such a person!

Where are most of the restaurants in Aspen?

In Aspen itself, most food places are close together, in a few central streets (such as South Mill Street and Hopkins Avenue) so everything is very easily accessible. Nancy: “ Oh yeah, Aspen is a tiny town and easily done by foot! You don’t need a car and if you want to get to Snowmass, the town below one of the other 3 mountains around Aspen, take the free shuttle bus.” For both places, the range of restaurant styles and cuisines is impressive. Sushi, French, Italian, TexMex, luxury fusion… You can think of it so crazy.

Where are the real glamor addresses?

Snowmass attracts many families and also the stars who want to keep a low profile . According to Nancy, they go there to The Viceroy, a beautiful hotel with a luxury restaurant and a famous bar. The top of the bill counterpart in the more sophisticated Aspen itself is luxury hotel The Little Nell, right at the bottom of the slopes. Nancy: “That is the central place in Aspen, where many people go for a drink after their last descent. Après-ski is always a blast in the hotel bar. It’s called The Chair 9, which is a joke, because there are only 8 ski lifts in Aspen itself. So that’s like the 19th hole for golfers, in short the clubhouse, haha.” And as the third real glamor address in Aspen, Nancy tips the lounge bar with large fireplace of the beautiful St Regis Hotel, three blocks from the track.

What’s the best après-ski drink in Aspen?

“ Champagne, no doubt about it! ” bellows Nancy. “Really, at the bottom of the slopes the champagne bars are already in the snow. And the corks keep on popping ! It just belongs here. And especially Veuve Clicquot. Duration? Hmm, no idea, about 15 dollars a glass I think!” The well-known hotel The Little Nell usually organizes ‘Cliquot in the Snow’ on all weekends in the month of March. On the sun terrace of the Ajax Tavern you can enjoy DJs, champagne and sun, which we think is the perfect setting for après-ski

Where do you go for a nice evening out for dinner?

The White House Tavern , a beautiful classic American cafe restaurant in a white wooden house with veranda, serving great salads, sandwiches and burgers. Very friendly service, large portions and reservation is not necessary. Or Brunelleschi’s where pasta and pizza are served in an attractive setting. A third Nancy favorite is Jimmy’s , also an ‘ all American ‘ popular with locals and featuring locally brewed beer, Lobster Mac & Cheese  (macaroni, cheese and lobster) and duck tacos. At all these addresses a main course costs between 15 and 20 dollars (excl. service)

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