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Panchgani offers a serene holiay

serene holiay

If one wants to experience some limitless wealth of nature and to view some lovely landscapes, then they must spend a few days at exotic Panchgani. This is a nature’s land and is also popularly known as the ‘Mecca of Maharashtra’ and is a hill station nestled in between the 5 hills of the Sahyadri Mountain ranges. That is where the name Panchgani comes from. River Krishna flows through the valley making it a breathtaking sight for the visitors. The altitude of this hill station is 1335 metres and if one wants to spend a quiet holiday in the lap of nature, then this is the perfect place to be.

Benefits of booking Panchgani resorts beforehand makes the travelling and holiday part hassle free and more enjoyable. Here are the major attractions that this hill station has to offer:

Table Land

This is the second longest mountain plateau in Asia and is definitely an absolute delight to view. One can see an amazing view of a huge plain land on a hill. Situated at a level of 4500 feet above the sea it is a 95 acre plain which leaves one in awe.  One can walk along the stretch or can take a horse ride to cover the vast land. One can enjoy either the sunrise or the sunset view from here as both are spectacular.

Sydney Point

This is situated on a hill which faces the Krishna Valley and it is another site which has spectacular landscapes. It was named after Sir Sidney Beckwarth who was the commander in chief to succeed Sir John Malcom as Bombay’s governor in the year 1830. One can get to see the stunning views of Dhom Dam, Krishna Valley and Kamalgad Fort from this point along with a serene sunset view.

Kamalgad Fort

Kamalgad Fort covers a area of around 4 acres and is surrounded by steep rocks and is located at a height of 4552 feet. The early history of this fort is unknown because during the British rule, this for succumbed to the British. It was used by the British to execute the war prisoners. The fort is in ruins now but one can always visit it for the sake of history. Also, it has a stunning view around.

Kate’s Point

It is another beautiful spot that one should not miss when they are in Panchgani. This place was named after Sir John Malcom’s daughter Kate. It is situated at a height of 1290 metres and when one reaches the point, they can get to see a stunning view of valleys. Waterfalls and the hill range around.

Parsi Point

As it has been mentioned above that Panchgani is full of nature, this place is also not different. One can get to see the specatcualr views of Krishna valley, mountains and the backwaters of Dhom Dam from here. The serene nature is the food for soul.

Mapro Gardens

Taking a trip to Panchgani remains incomplete if one is not paying a visit to the Mapro Gardens. Though this is not a proper garden, but the premise of this area is known for selling some of the finest fruit based products. The location is quaint and one can spend a nice time eating the delicious dishes served by the restasurant.

Rajpuri Caves

Locals of Panchgani used to believe that these caves were used to perform the religious rituals by Lord Kartikeya. There is another story about the caves. The caves which are surrounded by the small ponds are said to be once catered by the Pandavas as an abode during the time of their exile. It is also believed that water from the Holy Ganga flows into these small ponds.

Devrai Art Village

If one is an art lover, then this is the perfect destination for them. There is a lovely art village is Panchgani known as the Devrai art village and one will definitely cherish this place. This village aids to a skilled group of Adivasi people and give them a chance to explore their artistic endeavours. These adivasis have inhabited from the Naxalite affected places like Gadchiroli and Chattisgarh. One can find some interesting artefacts there made of brass, bamboo, wood, fabric and more.

Lingmala Falls

Panchgani is full of natural beauties and ecstatic waterfalls. In Lingmala, the water falls from about 500 feet height and hence one should not miss this place when they are visiting Panchgani. From this place one can also check the gorgeous Dhobi Falls and the Chinaman Falls. If one is visiting with their friends, then this place is definitely a must visit. One can also book a hotel near the falls if they wish to spend the night amidst gorgeous waterfalls.

Kaas Plateau

This is said to be Maharashtra’s very own valley of flowers. It is one of the best places to visit but it is near Panchgani. It has been termed by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site because the variety of flowers are seen here. In fact, it is said that at least 850 different species of flowers can be found in this plateau. Apart from flowers and a seren, vibrant view; one should not miss the Thoseghar and Banmoli waterfalls here.

Venna Lake

If one is feeling a bit tired with the tourist crowd at Panchgani, then they can go for a quiet boat ride at the stunning Venna Lake. The lake is surrounded by lush green mountains and it is a manmade lake which was originally constructed by Sri Appasaheb Maharaj. The main reason to build the lake was to cater the water needs of the nearby localities.

Panchgani is a place which offers a lot of peace to mind and calmness to the eyes. This hill station is serene and one can think of spending a quiet holiday here with family or friends. If they can book Panchgani resorts online then one can also have a nice and warm stay there with all the amenities. One can also plan to visit the nearby tourist attractions from there.

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