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Over packing is a Menace! 5 Practical Ways To Nip It Per Nasher Miles

Nasher miles

When travelling, most individuals bring too many items they never even use. Many people don’t acknowledge this, and yet, they worry about their bag’s weight. We asked experts at Nasher Miles to list practical ways to avoid over packing.

Here’s what they have to share for your next trip.

Be Logical

Be realistic. Consider all of the things you plan to do during the vacation. List the items you’d require to do those things and you’ll know what belongs to your luggage. Therefore, when you begin packing your travel bags, prepare a list.

Writing things down aids in clearing the mind of clutter.

Bring Toiletries in Travel Sizes

This advice might also sound obvious, but you’d be surprised to learn that some vacationers pack full-sized mouthwash, shampoos, and conditioners. Although most hotels offer these amenities, if you have particular preferences, you should purchase them in travel-sized packs.

Dress in Layers

When packing layers for your upcoming adventure trip, think like a hiker or camper. Layer a short-sleeved shirt under a long-sleeved top rather than bringing just one big sweater.

Include a light, foldable jacket if the weather is cooler. This greatly expands your wardrobe possibilities without adding a lot of bulk or weight to your luggage. Ensure the outer layer can readily cover your innermost layer.

If in Doubt, Leave it Out 

It’s tempting to adopt a worst-case scenario perspective while packing because travelling is sometimes stressful. What would happen in an emergency? Or, an unexpected occasion?

Before putting anything in your travel bag, consider if you actually need it or just could. It’s wise to leave things where you doubt if you are going to use them, instead of imagining implausible scenarios in which they may be useful.

The Takeaway

You’ll be able to pack minimally for your forthcoming vacation if you take a moment to reflect and determine what you need, not what you desire. The coolest side is that, if you exclude some items intentionally from packing in your travel bags, it gives you a good reason to do some shopping at the travel destination!

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