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8 Hong Kong Travel Tips You Should Know

Hong Kong Travel

No matter if it’s your first trip or you’ve been here many times before, here are a few things to know before taking off. These Hong Kong travel tips will ensure the most out of your experience.

Navigating Hong Kong is made effortless thanks to the city’s excellent public transport system, known as the MTR. All you need to do is pay a cash deposit, purchase an Octopus Card pre-paid at one of many MTR stations and swipe it for every ride!Hong Kong transit is a breeze after your Cathay Pacific flight with the following apps.

1. Download the Taxi App

Travel apps exist that can make your Hong Kong trip simpler and more enjoyable. From booking a Disneyland ticket to finding free Wi-Fi around town, these applications will keep you organized and help prevent any hassles while in Hong Kong.

Downloading travel apps ahead of time can save a lot of time on your journey, especially when it comes to transportation. For instance, an app like Uber allows you to book a taxi in advance.

Another useful app is TakeTaxi, which lets you know if your taxi driver has an insurance policy. This is particularly helpful when it comes to keeping your wallet secure in the vehicle. Furthermore, it allows you to create a flashcard in Chinese characters that can be read quickly by your taxi driver at a glance.

2. Carry Extra Clothes

Hong Kong is a fashionable city, so make sure your clothing matches. Avoid packing short shorts or other forms of revealing apparel which could make you feel uncomfortable while in the city.

For hot weather in Hong Kong, wearing a light sweater or jacket is recommended. Additionally, wearing a hat is advised as it can be quite sunny during the summertime.

When visiting Hong Kong during the winter, it’s wise to bring along a rain jacket. They can usually be found for an affordable price in most stores and will come in handy if you have children with you or plan to spend any time outdoors during the day. Lastly, remember to bring along a water bottle with you wherever you go; keeping hydrated while saving you from having to pay for water on the streets!

3. Carry an Umbrella

If you are visiting Hong Kong during rainy season, then it is essential that you bring an umbrella. Not only does this shield you from getting wet but it will keep your hair dry as well.

Umbrellas come in a range of sizes and shapes, some small enough to fit neatly into your handbag, backpack or pocket.

They can withstand weather changes and keep you dry indoors during heavy downpours. Furthermore, they provide protection from sunlight and wind when conditions are sunny outside.

Since 2014, umbrellas have been a steadfast symbol of resistance for Hong Kong protesters who are fighting for their citizens’ democratic rights.

4. Go Hiking at Victoria Peak

For some of Hong Kong’s finest views, head up to Victoria Peak. It is one of the city’s top attractions and provides stunning vistas of Kowloon, Victoria Harbour and many neighboring islands.

This paved circular trail is easily accessible and takes less than an hour to complete. You’ll enjoy stunning panoramic views of Hong Kong Island’s north side, Kowloon’s south side, Victoria Harbour as well as many nearby small islands.

Take a short walk to Lugard Road Lookout for an unobstructed view of Hong Kong’s skyline from another angle. Instagram enthusiasts should visit at twilight to capture stunning symphony of lights illuminating its skyscrapers.

5. Stay in Licensed Guesthouses

If you’re searching for an inexpensive place to stay in Hong Kong, licensed guesthouses may be your perfect fit. These establishments are conveniently situated near numerous tourist attractions and the MTR.

Hotels in Hong Kong tend to have high prices, making it essential to shop around for the best deal.

The MTR (Mass Transit Railway) is a reliable mode of transport that runs beneath much of the city. It’s secure, clean and efficient – you can purchase a pre-paid Octopus card at any station during operating hours and use it to swipe in and out for each ride.

6. Stay in a Budget Hotel

If you’re on a tight budget or simply want to save some cash, Hong Kong offers plenty of budget-friendly hotels that will meet your requirements. These properties offer great value and often come with all the amenities needed at an affordable price point.

Hong Kong may be one of the priciest cities in Asia, but it can still be budget friendly if you know where to look and how to plan your trip. To find a good deal, book well in advance and avoid festivals such as Chinese New Year which might impact prices.

Budget hotel rooms come in many varieties, but some of the best options offer free wifi, flat-screen TVs and mini-fridges. Though smaller than more luxurious options, these accommodations can still provide comfortable accommodation at a great value for money. To help you decide which is best suited to your trip, here is our selection of top rated hotels under $25 per night!

7. Go Shopping

Are you searching for unique souvenirs while in Hong Kong? There are a range of markets and stores to suit everyone’s taste. From clothing and electronics, to local arts and crafts, tea, jade, jewelry – there is something special in this bustling city!

Shopping in Hong Kong can be fun and exciting, but it’s essential to be aware of some important dos and don’ts. Wear comfortable shoes that can handle streets and gutters, plus bring along a collapsible, reusable shopping bag for convenience.

Gough Street in MongKok is the perfect destination for boutique shopping and restaurants. But if budgeting is your goal, don’t miss Stanley Market! This small street has various shops selling traditional Chinese goods – not forgetting your chance to get your name chop made (your name in Chinese characters), which kids are sure to appreciate!

8. Be Smart on the Streets

Hong Kong is renowned for its bustling urban environment and efficiency. Its subway stations stop at designated times, while its free market encourages people to work faster.

But in the midst of a months-long protest movement against an extradition bill that would allow suspected criminals to be sent to China, the city is also being questioned for its surveillance-first approach to law and order. As a result, citizens have grown concerned about their privacy – even when it comes to things like smart lamp posts equipped with WiFi networks and cameras.

Many Hong Kong residents are uncomfortable with the government collecting personal data and worry that using smart technology could infringe upon their privacy. Despite these reservations, most still believe electronic identity systems can be beneficial to citizens of Hong Kong.

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